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VJ Goals for 2018


  • Define and maintain a team ethos
  • Reduce page size
  • Increase performance
  • Enhance SEO
  • Make testing a uniform service
  • Structure our maintenance and housekeeping
  • Build closer bonds with other departments
  • Communication and collaboration

Define and maintain a team ethos

We want to be able to answer questions like:

  • Who are we?
  • What do we do?
  • How do the hubs work?
  • What are our standards?
  • What do we believe in?
  • What do we want to be building in 2019 and beyond?

How do we reduce page size?

There are probably dozens of ways we can reduce the size of our projects. I have thought of some and I list them here, but you may have others. Feel free to send them on. We will have a kick off meeting about this in January.

  • Minify our JS (I know…)
  • Minify our CSS (I know…)
  • Do not load assets twice
  • Produce a grunt process that reduces our BEM classnames in size in both the HTML and CSS files.

How do we increase page performance?

Again, this is not a complete list. These are just some ideas I have had. We need a kick off meeting for this, too.

  • Move static assets (some js files that never change by project, the WS logos etc) to a separate project in same S3 bucket.
  • Build our own service workers to cache EVERYTHING
  • Move towards PWAs by the end of 2018

How do we enhance SEO and why does it matter?

Collectively we need 500,000,000 unique users to hit our targets.
We have found that if we produce fewer stories with more engaging content, the greater the audience. The VJ dev role is pivotal in this, but people need to be able to find our content.

SEO can be enhanced in two ways:

  1. Making the core content more expansive
  2. Taking our content and injecting the full experience inline (using webcomponents / polymer)


What browsers do we test on?
What type of things do we test?
What are we looking for in a Pull Request?
Who can the hub developers lean on for testing support?
What browsers do we offer core content to?
Do we offer a “core content plus” with jazzy CSS etc?

Housekeeping & maintenance

That means Jira, confluence, github, issue tracking, bug fixing, deprecation notices, npm dependency tracking and all the things we don’t have time to do right now but really should.

Build bonds with other departments

Find ways to work with VJ design department more closely.

Offer ourselves up as test cases for wider development changes for other depts (e.g. HTTPS only, serviceworkers, web components, stripping BEM out of production code etc etc)

Collaboration and communication

Potential ideas...

  • Slack channel with “hints and tips” or “things I have learned”
  • Slack channel with “useful URLs”
  • Product demos - let’s do them more often so they become familiar to us or even part of our DNA
  • New VJ hub dev meeting / surgery.
  • AMAs - If anyone would like a dev VJ topic explained in detail, we can go into detail in these sessions. Spend time going into exactly how something works and why - e.g. the DNS / Akamai / grunt
  • Moving desks to be close to each other
  • Next steps: Blogging?
VJ Goals for 2018
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